Founded in 1988, LUSIS designs and implements comprehensive educational and training initiatives in developing countries around the world.

Lusis designs and implements integrated, large scale turnkey projects that meet the challenges of governments and the private sector, projects that empower individuals and entire communities, enabling them to shape their own future and the future of their nations. From providing young people with a head-start toward productive lives to enhancing the job performance of seasoned professionals, our range of programs covers all ages and sectors. Lusis comprises outstanding professional educators and pedagogic program developers, highly experienced administrators and a management team with more than a quarter of a century of international experience.

Working in full cooperation with Mitrelli Group and its subsidiary companies, Lusis work in close cooperation with governmental, institutional and private partners, handling everything from initial needs analysis through curriculum development and staff training. From start to finish, we are committed to providing people with new opportunities and creates positive impact on national and regional economies while enhancing the skills and knowledge of the people they serve.

Com 30 anos de experiência, tecnologias de ponta, metodologias de vanguarda e profissionais de classe mundial, a Lusis desenvolve e implementa projetos "chave na mão" integrados de grande escala, que dão resposta aos desafios do sector público e privado: Habitação e Construção, Agricultura e Agroindústria, Ensino e Formação Profissional, Saúde, Telecomunicações e TI, Sistema de Informação Geográfica, Energia, Promover o Empreendedorismo Feminino, Água, Pesca.