30 janeiro 2013

The Blue Horizon Reception Center has existed since 2000, when the country was at war, which caused the disintegration of many families, many children arising from and on the street.

In order to respond to the situation of disintegration of children in the family environment, this project came up with the aim of helping and alleviating their suffering, working in the areas of reception and education.

In the reception area, only girls in situations of social risk are served, while in the educational aspect, it serves girls and boys from the community who come from families at a social risk situation, counting on the support of the Ministry of Education in providing teachers, material methodological and pedagogical orientation.

According to the direction of the Center, with the support and guidance of the partners, the number of children served in the Horizonte Azul space grew from 45 to 700 children, aged between six and 17 years, since its foundation.

In 2012, the LUSIS Group, through the Art and Culture Foundation, sponsored the Cameha Library at the Horizonte Azul Girls' Reception Center, in the city of Viana. Helena Paiva, who was present at the opening of the Library representing that Group, pledged to support this work of the Art and Culture Foundation.

In this sense, we have been accompanying children promoting reading, drawing and painting.

We did the delivery of several books that were donated by friends and others on a personal level, as well as material for painting with watercolor.

The LUSIS Group has made available school supplies, notebooks, charcoal pencils, crayons, crayons, drawing and painting paper, photocopy paper, gouaches and oil paint pastels. Already at the end of the year the LUSIS Group offered a television for the Library of that Center.

The gratefulness that has been passed on to us is in the joy and the smile of those children who are contagious.


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